RAID Cryptocurrency's First project in Indonesia
Indonesia, the country that likes K-pop the most. Together with Indonesian youth, K-POP can be promoted worldwide.
With a population of about 280 million, Indonesia has the fourth largest domestic market in the world. The median age is 31.1 years old ('22, CIA) and has great growth potential. Half of Indonesia's population is the so-called 'MZ generation', and their interest in information and communication technology is high. The number of Internet users reaches 202.6 million ('21), and the number of SNS users also reaches 170 million. Indonesia's population and economic power, as well as its geographic location bordering both the Indian and Pacific Oceans, make Indonesia a very important place for the K-pop industry.
The K-pop craze in Indonesia is expected to intensify. This is because various offline events to quench the thirst of fans, such as the resumption of offline concerts that had been suspended due to the pandemic, have begun in earnest.
Indonesian K-POP BOY GROUP BORN : RAID (Indonesia Limited Edition Cryptocurrency)

Proceeds from Let's Love Indonesia K-Pop Concert X RAID will be used for Indonesia Youth Vision Project.
Indonesian K-POP Boy Band Limited Edition Cryptocurrency.
Use Cryptocurrency for K-POP fans around the world as an attack promotion.
Liberation of card payment and pay payment by country

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