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Indonesian K-pop Boy Group Born : RAID
Indonesia Limited Edition Cryptocurrency
After confirming the demand for K-pop in Indonesia, domestic agencies are also taking strategic steps. Born in Indonesia, Dita debuted as a K-pop artist with the girl group Secret Number in 2020 and has grown into Indonesia's best K-pop singer. RAID Project forms a five-piece boy band made up of Indonesians. Reid (a 5-member Indonesian boy group) finished training in Korea and is aiming for activities in Indonesia, their home country. The infinite youth and background of Indonesia, which loves K-POP the most, will make them the best K-POP star team in Indonesia.
Indonesian K-POP boy band RAID was born through Tomorrow Star, an Indonesian K-POP audition in progress at COUTIONLIVE INDONESIA.
Through Country to country tournament
As a key PR strategy, select a country that likes K-POP and induce support separately and together through a tournament between countries so that everyone can participate together.
Type of Competition: K-POP / Dance, Vocal, Personal Skill Contest